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What is Digital Transformation?

Let's Talk Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

For many this term has become a general statement without a clear definition of what it entails and the specific value or outcome it should produce.


We understand that different companies have different operational structure, and are unique in the services offered to customers. Therefore, it is imperative to define their transformation plans according to their unique operations, markets, and competitive landscape.


We define Digital Transformation as the process in which you innovatively lift your internal and external digital operations to a new level, to competitively and efficiently meet the demands of your customers, revenue growth, and operational scalability. This results in gaining sustainable competitive advantage when responding to market opportunities in terms of customer satisfaction,  speed to market,  costs, and managed operations.

Through digital transformation, you are able to tackle and resolve your pain points faster, and positively impact your relationship with customers while reducing the complexity and cost of your operations.

Common areas that are addressed with Digital Transformation:

  1. Migration from Legacy infrastructure to a Next Generation Platform where services are hosted on a common platform for easier and faster development and therefore response to customers needs.

  2. Redesign, innovate,  and improve the overall customer journey on your site and applications, therefore enabling the customer to have a clearer engagement process and eliminating unnecessary painful friction.  From the start of the initial acquisition moment, to registration and onboarding, and later to the frequent interactive engagement where value is delivered.

  3. Improve the internal operations of product development, and the speed in which services and applications can be tested, optimized, and delivered to customers with less complexity.

  4. Migration parts or the full applications to the cloud, based on businesses needs, operations, risks, and compliance policies that a company need to operate within.

  5. Redesign the architecture of your services to improve the overall customer experience and quality of your offerings including the consideration of your existing partners or vendors, and new partners or vendors that can help meeting your digital needs within your ecosystem.

What We Do?
Prodision Digital Transformation Process

Prodision's  team of experts has established a unique process leveraging our years of experience in working with great list of companies that believed in digital transformation as the mean for moving forward.  Competing through staying relevant, and offering differentiated unique value to customers.  


Our engagements with our clients involve a simple, fast, and efficient process for constructing their personalized transformation plans:

  1. We start by listening to our clients. We strongly believe that you and your team are the closest to your business with most knowledge. We imbed your vision and input in the initiated the process. 

  2. We then conduct  a  thorough  business and operational evaluation of your digital assets, architecture, applications, and customer engagement  processes, Internal and External. The combination of your business vision, and coupled with our personalized evaluation, and research, we identify and propose the plan for your transformation journey. The process is constructed jointly and collaboratively to assure meeting your organizational strategy and goals. The plan is optimized and prioritized according to your priorities, budget, time to market,  and customer demands.

  3. Leveraging our expertise, we work on translating your vision to a prioritized plan, define requirements, and prepare for implementation with the development team, partners, and vendors. We then stay with you along the way during the implementation and delivery as you need, to assure full compliance and quality implementation that meet your business expectations.

  4. Some of our clients engage us at an advanced stage when they have already developed a vision, and a plan that they want to progress. We work with our clients on optimizing their plans as needed, defining a comprehensive delivery process for it, and work jointly to assure its implementation and delivery according to the determined requirements and desired measurable outcome.

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